Small Business Opportunities: Huge Business Turnover Expected in the Next 5-10 Years

Did you know Community Futuresthat one in seven business owners in rural B.C. is over the age of 55? A recent study indicates that 41per cent of small business owners are planning on retiring in the next five years. Small rural communities will face the challenge of retaining businesses and expanding local employment opportunities.

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The Coast Group: HeartBleed Bug

As you may be aware, a major vulnerability has recently been discovered for OpenSSL, the popular encryption software that powers 2/3 of the web.

We take the security of our customer data very seriously and can assure you that The Coast Group Chartered Accountants does not employ OpenSSL encryption.

Your data is stored securely and is not at risk.

We will continue to monitor the development of this latest security risk and will take corrective measures as needed.

Thank you for choosing The Coast Group for all your financial needs and know that you can continue to use our services with confidence.


The Partners and Staff
The Coast Group Chartered Accountants